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        Just like home

        Apartments in Krakow

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        Unique interiors

        There are many reasons to love Krakow. One of them is Antique Apartments – apartments in the heart of Old Town that combine the comfort of a hotel with a homely atmosphere. Every day, in the elegant, fully furnished interiors, families find a homely atmosphere, lovers – an enclave of intimacy and business professionals – the right conditions to work. But this is only the beginning, because Antique Apartments also offer perfect breakfasts, organised trips, bike rentals and a SPA. 

        The apartments are renovated with taste and very well kept. They are located right in the heart of Krakow's old town in a bea (...)


        Przepi?kne apartamenty, wspania?e pokoje i ?azienki. Gdybym mog?a da?abym wi?cej gwiazdek! Mieszkali?my w cz??ci ho (...)

        Zuzanna ?

        A street away from the main center, and surrounded by many cute cafes, bars and restaurants! The apartment we stayed in in cl (...)


        This is our first time to Poland and it won't be are last , fantastic place , we arrived after midnight, the guy on reception (...)

        Karen W

        Me and my wife stayed here for a long weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Let me start by saying that the location is (...)


        Antique Apartments

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        Antique Apartments - Plac Szczepański

        • All apartments and services in one building
        • Restaurant in the building, in addition to kitchens in the apartments
        • 24 hour reception in
          the building
        • Building located 160m from the Main Square

        Old Town

        Antique Apartments - Old Town

        • Individual apartments in different locations of the old town
        • Self-serviced apartments with
        • 24 hour reception
          at Plac Szczpanski 2
        • Apartments located in city center, near Main Square

        Promotions and packages

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        Apartments on map

        Cracow - city centre

        • Antique Apartments - Plac Szczepański
        • Antique Apartments - Old Town
        • Old Market ~5 min
        • Wawel Royal Castle ~10 min
        • Main Station ~10 min
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        • Where are the apartments located?

          The majority of our apartments are located near the main square in Krakow right in the heart of the city on the Szczepanski Square. There are, however, a few which are also located in other areas of the city. For the precise location of an apartment you please check the apartments individual descriptions or e-mail us.

        • Are the apartments pet friendly?

          We are pet friendly and no extra charges apply. Additionally we will prepare for your pet a water bowl, special bedding & dog waste bags.

        • Do you ask guests to leave any security deposit ?

          Antique Apartments reserves the right to pre-authorise credit card in case of any damages for the amount equal of 100% payment for the first night. This is done upon the check-in. The security deposit is held in advance for incidentals or damages. It is refunded at the time of check out. 

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